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Waboba Forma Ball

Price ( inclusive of 7% GST ) SGD19.90
Weight (kg):0.096
Dimension:3 inches diameter


The Build & Play 3D Puzzle Forma Ball by Waboba is an awesome 3-D Puzzle ball that challenges kids while having fun!

Educational toys are great for encouraging pattern recognition and practicing fine motor skills during play.

Young Wabobians can build, throw, toss around and play with this new green, red, and blue Forma Ball!

Once the player has mastered how to put the pieces together they'll have fun with the secondary shape challenge on the surface of the ball.

Measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter this Waboba Forma Ball provides hours of fun and recommended for children ages 3 and up.

A great stocking stuffer this holiday season for the kid in your life who loves puzzles!