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Party Roulette

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Can You Imagine at your next party playing a game so exciting that it will create laughter all over the room? We Did!

The rules of the game are simple!

  1. Pass the Party Roulette™ Revolver (with a balloon in place) to a friend.
  2. Your friend cocks the hammer & then pulls the trigger (hoping they can take their shot without popping the balloon).
  3. If the balloon doesn't pop, the Party Roulette™ Revolver gets passed to the next person.

The anticipation of the BIG BANG - if the balloon pops - is amazing!

Watch your friends' faces as they wait to take their turn. What happens to the person who pops the balloon is entirely up to you - You create the rules!

The Party Roulette™ Game comes complete with everything you need. Have fun & enjoy the laughs.

Everything you need is included:
  • 1 Party Roulette™ Revolver
  • 1 Revolver Base
  • 1 Self-Adjusting Balloon Ring
  • 12 Party Roulette™ Balloons
Add a little BANG to your next party!

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360º view.