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360 degree view

Matrix Flexicube

Price ( inclusive of 7% GST ) SGD28.90
Article Code:9506
Size:2.75inches square
Weight (kg):0.87


Made of Wood, these beautiful "3D" puzzles do not only provide constant stimulation to our brains with challenges but also provide stimulation to the eyes as art-decor display on your desk or shelfs! 

The Flexi Cube Puzzle is truly unlike any other type of puzzle you have probably encountered. Not complex in nature, the basis of this puzzle is more creative than puzzling.

How many shapes can you create with the provided cubes? There are 4 progressive difficulty levels (denoted by colours), so you can acquire a particular challenge if this is what you desire or solve all 4 for a great collection and to be bestowed the title of  "MASTER".

Unlock the mystery in a creative manner.

Once you have solved your own personal puzzle, you can display the results in a fashion that adds decorative value to any room setting.


Choose difficulty by colour: purple (Level 2), blue (Level 3), green (level 4), or red (level 5).

 Packaged in clear box including illustrated instruction key.

 Size: 2.25" x 2.25"

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360ยบ view.