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Brand new in the UK, Plus-Plus building blocks have been gaining in popularity over the last few years in its home country of Denmark -where they are so highly thought of, they are used in most schools as part of their school curriculum.

There are practically no limits unlike some other famous building block toys which are fixed in the designs /models to be built.

These strong, durable, washable blocks can be joined at all angles and in all directions, thereby offering endless assembly possibilitiesand making them ideal educational toys and for complementing learning: such as numbers, colour recognition and sorting exercises. 


Plus-Plus blocks are award winners and come highly recommended both by parents as well as the professionals alike.

But be warned: we've found them incredibly ADDICTIVE!


Suitable for ages 3-12, for girls and boys.

Free from phthalates and PVC.

Made in Denmark. 


Rodger Huellig (Developmental Educationist):

Plus-Plus is one of those unusual brands I really think we should shout about more as it's so simple, and yet so unique it is also the ideal gift idea as we approach Christmas so it is a good time to highlight it.
It's also my top tip for something you have almost certainly never heard of before, but in a year or two you will know the name as it gets named on Christmas gift lists as the "Cool Danish Toy" to get hold of. 

Designed for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old, Plus-Plus doesn't actually need much explaining - simple Danish design and unique block shape, it can be used to create an endless number of creative objects, and the only extra tools needed are the child's imagination and creativity.

The attractively packaged options (35pcs, 100pcs, 300pcs 600pcs) are carefully created to meet demands and needs of all sorts!

Indeed, this innovative toy beats some other famous building toys in terms of almost limitless possibilities of creations (other block building toys are usually fixed in the design/ model it is to be built in a pack.)

Worthy of a PLUS PLUS grading!! 

360 degree view

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