MIDI 100pcs

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Color:Basic ASSORTED
Weight (kg):4.1
Dimension:3 cm x 5 cm per piece
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The Plus-Plus Midi-series is perfect for children aged 3 to 6. The bigger puzzle pieces are easy to handle and equally inspiring. The Plus-Plus building blocks are shaped like a double plus and can be interconnected. The variety of colors and possible links lays the groundwork for exploring shapes and geometry.

Of course the Plus-Plus pieces are free of harmful ingredients and super safe for kids. They are EN 71-certified and made from Phtalate-free PVC. Plus-Plus is developed by educators and produced in Denmark.

The "Midi"-pieces are 3 cm x 5 cm per piece and come in a collection of the following colors:

Get started with Plus-Plus and find out about the endless possibilites. This playful approach to shapes and patterns is fun and educating.

This set contains 100 "Midi"-sized pieces in basic colors and is suitable for one or two children aged 3+.