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360 degree view

Imperial Shuttle

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Article Code:mms259
Color:steel/ Silver gloss
Size:4.25" x 2.5" x 4"
Weight (kg):0.092
Number of sheets:2 Sheets
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Imperial Shuttle 

An elegant example that stands apart from typical brutish Imperial engineering, the Lambda-class shuttle is a multi-purpose transport used in the Imperial Starfleet. T

he Empire pressed the shuttle into service for both cargo ferrying and passenger duty.

Even the Empire's elite, like Darth Vader and the Emperor Palpatine used these shuttles.

It has three wings: a stationary center foil and two articulated flanking wings. When in flight, the side wings fold out for greater stabilization.

When landing, the wings fold in, shrinking the vessel's silhouette.

The well-armed vessel has two forward-facing double laser cannons, two wing-mounted double cannons, and a rear-facing double laser cannon.

It is equipped with a hyper drive.

Difficulty: Moderate

For 14 years and above.

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360ยบ view.