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360 degree view

HALO UNSC Scorpion

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Color:steel/ silver gloss
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UNSC Scorpion                                                                                                                           

The Scorpion’s rugged, adaptable design has changed little from its origins at the dawn of human interstellar colonization.

This vehicles has remained in service due a combination of affordability, simplicity, and versatility that is difficult to match by other – supposedly superior – designs.

The Scorpion’s functional uses are numerous and varied, though the UNSC uses it predominantly for direct assault, localized defense, and anti-armor operations.

The new M820 model of the storied Scorpion is half the mass of the old M808, yet has nearly identical firepower and armor protection.

Difficulty: Challenging

For 14 years and above.

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360º view.