Proviz Buggy Light

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PROVIZ Buglights/ Scooterlights 

They are small affordable attachable lights designed to give prams / buggies and pretty much many things better visibility in the dark.

Dark or low light places without pavements can make parents and carers feel vulnerable when pushing prams. In these situations, Proviz Buglights can be easily clipped to the frame of a pushchair and provide a flashing or constant light to increase its visibility.

The light itself is a bright, white LED with replaceable batteries.

Mother of two, Isabel Langly-Smith worked with PROVIZ to create the BUGLIGHTS. She says: “When I was pushing children around the streets of London I felt vulnerable and exposed, especially when crossing the roads. I could not find any buggy lights anywhere so I came up with the idea of BUGLIGHTS. Lots of my friends who are mothers felt the same way and are already feeling safer having bought their PROVIZ BUGLIGHTS.

These versatile little lights are great for a multitude of uses. Whilst specifically designed for prams and buggies, the lights will also fit to scooters, backpacks, bikes and dog collars. They can be used for outdoors exploration and safety tracking. For entertainment with flare, try strapping these colourful lights to your fingers or watch and dance or run the night away in hip style! With the water-resistant built, these versatile lights can be strapped or fitted anywhere imaginable.

The rubber straps of the Proviz Buglight will stretch around the frame of all prams and most suitable objects and connects with an S-shaped clip. One click produces a flashing light and two clicks a constant beam. The third click switches the lights off.

To change the battery, you simply push the little bulb out of the rubber band.

A nifty little device which will make you feel that bit safer during dark nights in places of poor visibility or places where you want to be seen a little better. Use it for the jogging in the dark. Flaunt it for the great outdoors. Stand out amongst bikers in the crowd. These Buggy Lights will not disappoint!

Lights come with batteries x 2 CR2032 3V Lithium batteries and are replaceable. They last about 50 hours

Excerpt of MUM KNOWS BEST review: 

What is it ...

PROVIZ BUGGY LIGHTS are small lights specifically designed for prams and buggies to make them visible in the dark, they are a simple and affordable way to illuminate prams/ buggies, ensuring that they are seen by passing cars, cyclists and other road users.  Available in seven super colours, these nice compact lights should easily match any object, apparel, place or theme!

Why MumKnowsBest loves it ...

We actually think these are quite clever, and can be easily fitted onto a pram, buggy or childs cycle. How they work is you press the light once for a normal beam, twice for a flashing light and then press again to turn off. They work really well in the dark and will definately make people aware that somebody is about from a safety point of view - personally I think they are brilliant for children coming home from school on cycles or walking as they can be attached to school bags too. I would give it 5 MKB stars as great for safety conscious parents.

The Proviz Buggy Lights are brilliant. We don't have a pram or buggy, so initially I didn't think we were going to be able to use them, but we are! Because of the way they are designed, you can clip them to literally anything. We have clipped them to the pedals on our SmartTrike.


You can, however, attach them to buggy handles, to the side of a buggy, the handles on a trike or bicycle or scooter or anything really! They simply clip on and as long as the thing they're wrapped around is as thick as the straps are long, they don't budge. They also have a bit of stretch in them,  probably because of the rubberish material they're made from.

A standard pack comes with not just one, but two buggy lights. A super value indeed!

Proviz Buggy Lights are available in assortments of blue, red, pink, green, yellow, black and white (whilst stocks lasts!), although all the lights are white.