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Light Show Coasters

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Article Code:2828
Color:black and white
Weight (kg):2.51
Dimension:15.8 X 13.2 X 3 inches



Serve more than just a beverage & serve up a Light Show!SM

Introducing the Light Show Coasters™ - Puzzle and Serving Tray Set - a dazzling new product that's as practical as it is beautiful!

Entertain your guests at your next party with a personal light show for every drink. Looks great in bright light, looks stunning in low light.

Each piece is fully inter-locking so you can add as many sets as you wish. Create a puzzle chain or a design on any table top and have beverages lit and waiting for your arriving guests. Every coaster operates independent of each other and there is nothing to plug in. Use your Light Show Coasters™ anywhere - indoors or out.

Each coaster features an automatic on/off function. The Light Show Coasters™ only operate when a glass (or any object with a little weight) is placed on them and turns off when the glass is lifted away. You may use these coasters creatively to stylishly display your glassware or sculpture.

Try putting your Swarovski Crystal on the coasters. You'll be mesmerized!

These stylish Light Show Coasters with Serving Tray goes very well with our Light Pitcher (see product under our Lifetsyle category in our website) as a wonderful beverage set. We highly recommend getting both!

Glass not included.

Requires 3 AAA batteries for each coaster. Not included.

Aged 14 and above.

360 degree view

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