360 degree view

Superman 3D Motion Clock

Price ( inclusive of 7% GST ) SGD124.90
Article Code:3918
Weight (kg):0.272
Dimension:7.2 x 2.5 x 16.8 inches


Some of your friends and coworkers may say it's a bird on your wall. Some may say it's a plane. And you can respond, excitedly, "No! It's Superman!"

That's right, the Man of Steel himself has arrived (in 3-D motion clock form) to help you keep track of time.

His arms and legs will swing back and forth powerfully as the clock hands on his chest tick away, keeping time with the power of a locomotive.

You'll be the only one in the house/ office who can say your clock came from Krypton.

And who knows, if you ask him nicely enough he might even take flight and rotate the Earth to make 5 o'clock come around that much faster.

Each 14" tall clock requires 2 x AA batteries (not kryptonite), not included.

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360ยบ view.