360 degree view

Animation Station

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Weight (kg):3.23
Dimension:5.2 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches


Can You Imagine animating real 3D characters?

Can You Imagine controlling the speed and smoothness of motion?

Can You Imagine taking this amazing miniature theater anywhere?

You don't have to imagine it - we've got the real thing!

Presenting the Animation Station - It's way cool. Antics like you'd find in Saturday morning cartoons, the good kind of cartoons. (You remember, the kind that were really funny.)

This animation toy is really funny. We are truth-tellers, and we're here to tell you. This Animation Station - it is a riot!

Just place a character of your choice in the Animation Station, turn it on and adjust the dials for an unbelievable display of life-like play figure motion and unbelievably wild craziness.

The choice is yours! As a desk toy, a technology toy, or a unique gift just because it's neat, this one is a keeper. Wrestler Joe comes to life... he kicks, he hits, he threatens your ability to rationalize that he is just a little plastic man.

And Dino... he stomps, thrashes about, twists himself into a pretzel. The hand... okay, this one freaks us out a bit.

You have to see it to believe it - The Animation Station is incredible! 6 Action Figure Characters Included: Wrestler, Sting Ray, Hand, Dinosaur, Shark, Spider.

Animation Station Animates Real Objects. 

You Control the Speed You Control the Motion. 

Explore the interaction of technology and real object manipulation. 

6 Built-In LED Strobe Lights Works in Bright Light or in the Dark. 

Includes 6 Different Action Figures to Animate. 

Fun for a wide range of ages!

360 degree view

Simply move the mouse pointer to the right or left of the photo to see the 360ยบ view.