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360 degree view

AFO Returning (No LED light)

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No LED Light version.

A popular V-shaped Boomerang, the hunting weapon of the Australian Aborigines, is capable of flying as far as a hundred meters and returning exactly to the thrower in an amazing curve.

Today, the Boomerang has become a popular sport. However, it still has disadvantages as it can be dangerous when not handled properly (being heavy and hard); is difficult to play and master with; and requires a large space.

TOSY® AFO™ Flash Returning is probably the most modern and only round boomerang with distinguishing improved features in comparison to the conventional V-shaped boomerangs. It returns exactly from where it was launched, can be played easily and safely both indoors and outdoors. Its flexible thin blades are adjustable and its patented design allows TOSY® AFO™ to stay aloft for a long time, flies great distances with ease, and returning exactly from where it was launched.


  • Capable of flying a far distance (up to 100 feet) and with option of returning exactly from where it was launched.
  • It is the first only "round boomerang".
  • A modern fun alternative sports-tech toy, the AFO can be played in groups, pairs or single.
  • Versatile and of Great Value playable in multiple ways: against ceilings, walls, floors, palms and free flight in air!
  • Can be easily launched with its special launcher.
  • Adjustable blades helps launch the TOSY® AFO™ to desired height.
  • Safe in small spaces both indoors and outdoors
  • Suitable for age 5 to 50 years and for both males and females. 
  • A great bonding toy for the entire family!
  • Available in 2 exciting colors (blue and red only whilst stocks lasts) and comes with cool launcher.

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360 degree view

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