About Us

Who Are We?

75 Volts Pte. Ltd. or simply "75 Volts", is an established distributor since 2006.

Today, 75 Volts manages and distributes more than 25 brands coming from the USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Some world famous brands include Star Wars, Disney, Star Trek, Halo, Marvel, Avengers and Transformers. Many are also award winners. 75 Volt's forte lies in distributing Toys- many educational (suitable for infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers and "Kidults"). The company is also strong in Gifts, Stationery, Novelties, Specialties, Sports and Lifestyle/ Home/ Office product categories.

It is this strategic focus to be multi-product category savvy, intertwined with updated knowledge and skills to handle its changing market environment and challenges, executed by a capable team of professionals; that have enhanced 75 Volt's competitive edge. Even more, it is also 75 Volt's successful strict application of one of its key sourcing principles emphasizing " Innovative Uniqueness" for each product it imports, that have brought rewarding delight to customers.

Based in Singapore, the company boosts a respectable distribution network comprising of more than 80 retailers/ resellers all over the country. This network is growing. Unlike other distributors, 75 Volts specializes in multi-channel/ category marketing sales and distribution. It has a successful track record in being able to source the world for innovative, unique, quality, value products that customers desire and avail them to Singapore's generally well-travelled, savvy and demanding market. Very often, the products that 75 Volts bring in are the first to be introduced into its markets. Many become trends, sparked followers from time to time, and some have become evergreen favourites for many years since.

75 Volts also has business dealings in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. 

In summary, one can say that 75 Volts is committed to upholding a common vision of staying "Diversified in Uniqueness" for it's wide-ranging products. This commitment is driven in turn by it's tenacious desire to serve better thus...continually bringing in innovative, "not so common", quality and affordable products, to holistically delight and satisfy customers of all gender, age and walks of life!

What is in the name 75 Volts?

"7" number that represents "perfection", "completeness", "whole".

"5" number that represents "grace", "favoured undeservingly".

"V" letter that stands for "Vision".

"O" letter that stands for "Originality".

"L" letter that stands for "Leadership".

"T" letter that stands for "Tenacity".

"S" letter that stands for "Sincerity".

"VOLTS" word related to "Power", "Spark", "Idea", "Energy"